The team at Independent Production Fund is happy to announce that we surpassed our Kickstarter campaign goal of $55,000 last Thursday for The Power of Protest, raising a grand total of $56,440!

Because of the belief in this documentary, which will chronicle the protest movements of our time, a number of foundations have promised to step up and provide IPF with the funding we need for production.

It was a long, arduous road in getting to this point. A big shout-out to all of the progressive organizations who participated, granting us interviews to allow our community to learn more about what they're doing at the grassroots level. Such organizations include Action Groups Network, Lawyers For Good Government, Gays Against Guns, MoveOn.org, Swing Left, Strong Economy For All, Defiant Network, Natural History Museum, the Women's March Alliance, and Popular Resistance.

We'd also like to express our gratitude to the following individuals: Autumn Dornfeld at AGN, Mohammed Naeem formerly a fellow with Organizing For Action, Mari Gustafson and Ti Cersley at Gays Against Guns, Traci Feit Love at Lawyers For Good Government, Charles Khan at Strong Economy For All, Malia Fisher at Defiant, Katherine Siemionko and Sarah Gould at Women's March Alliance, Beka Economopolous at Natural History Museum, Ethan Todras-Whitehill, Jessica Williams and Aaron Huertas at Swing Left, Brian Stewart and Michael Crawford at MoveOn, filmmaker Cecily Tyler, and Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese at Popular Resistance.

And a huge thank you to The Power of Protest advisors: Danny Glover, Rory Kennedy, Ray Suarez, Robbie Kaplan, and Bill McKibben.

And of course we will continue to keep everyone updated on the documentary. Right now, we hope to begin filming this spring with production continuing through the summer and fall, possibly including the midterm elections as well.  Once we have a firm schedule, we'll be sure to let you know.

Again, thank you to those of you who backed our Kickstarter campaign for The Power of Protest. In doing so, you're helping us to chronicle the protest movements of today, or as Howard Zinn liked to say, telling the "people's history" from "the bottom up."


We are now entering the final week of The Power of Protest's Kickstarter campaign and I'm going to level with you: at our current pace, we are going to fall short of our goal of $55,000. So far, we have raised $22,285 - approximately HALF of what we need. As a reminder, numerous foundations have promised to fund the documentary in full - if we can show there's an audience eager to see it!  And anything short of $55K just won't do.


As anyone who's ever run a Kickstarter drive will tell you - donations often pour in at the last minute as people recognize our sense of urgency - if we don't hit our target, we get nothing. So to facilitate more giving - and at much larger amounts! - we are announcing the launch of...


Starting next Tuesday, January 30th at 6pm, The Power of Protest will launch a Facebook Live and Kickstarter Live simulcast in which producer Josh Grossberg, joined at intervals by the rest of the producing team and director Micah Fink, will be live online for 48 hours straight as part of a "48-hour protest"-cum-pledge drive.

Foregoing two days' worth of sleep, Josh will talk about 1) the film and the progressive social movements we hope to cover; 2) the issues of the day including the disastrous policies of the Trump administration; 3) he'll also conduct additional interviews, including in-office appearances with our organizational partners such as Swing Left, Lawyers For Good Government, the Women's March Alliance and others; 4) feature special guests; and 5) Josh will even dare to attempt a 3 a.m. marathon reading of all of Trump's crazy tweets from this past year in a lively discussion with our late night viewers!

But the most important thing he and the rest of the producing team will be asking viewers is to PLEASE GIVE TO OUR KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN

We're gonna stay up as long as it takes to reach our goal of $55,000 and we need your support to do it.  So please... SPREAD THE WORD AND TUNE INTO THE POWER OF PROTEST'S 48-HOUR PROTEST NEXT TUESDAY BEGINNING AT 6PM!!!!


We hope you enjoyed the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. Now I'm not going to sugarcoat it: this week is absolutely CRITICAL if our Kickstarter campaign for THE POWER OF PROTEST is to meet our goal of $55,000.

As often happens with these 30-day crowdfunding campaigns, the middle of the month presents a lull in giving.  The hard truth is we have raised approximately $10,000 with 16 days to go.  Therefore, I'm asking each of you reading this: If you know any "Angels," i.e. friends or associates with deep pockets who believe in the Resistance and want to elevate these progressive social movements in the public consciousness, PLEASE ASK THEM TO GIVE BIG.

Four $5,000 donations will put us right back on track!

And don't forget to tell them we have a lot of great Kickstarter Rewards - such as having   producing credit, hosting your own advanced screening, attending the premiere party, and Danny Glover record a personalized voicemail exclusively for you!

So please  urge them to give today!

Now for the good news. This week THE POWER OF PROTEST welcomes attorney and gay rights icon ROBERTA "ROBBIE" KAPLAN as an advisor to the campaign. Robbie, of course, is famed for successfully arguing on behalf of her client Edith Windsor United States v. Windsor, the landmark 2013 Supreme Court case that struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and paved the way for gay marriage.

At her firm, Kaplan & Company, Robbie is also representing nonprofit Integrity First for America in a lawsuit against neo-Nazis, KKK members and White Nationalist groups to hold them accountable for the terror that occurred in Charlottesville last August that resulted in the death of protester Heather Heyer.  We are proud and honored to have Robbie join THE POWER OF PROTEST, especially given her role defending the rights of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters.

Speaking of which, we have posted the first of a three-part video interviewwith Mari Gustafson, an activist with the New York chapter of Gays Against Guns. She explains what their amazing movement is about, how it continues the protest traditions of ACT UP, and why she became an activist (hint: growing up in Colorado, gun violence has very much been a part of her life).

We also have an interview up with Swing Left cofounder Ethan Tondras-Whitehill on his group's grassroots activities aiming to turn purple congressional districts blue. And last but not least, the first in a three-part interview with Mohammed Naeem, a fellow for Organizing for Action who helped organize last year's Tax March and speaks eloquently about Millennials' role in today's social movements and reaching out to those whose politics we disagree with. 

For all of these interviews and more, head over to our Facebook page, please share them with your networks, and most importantly, encourage everyone you know (heavy hitters included!) to give to the Kickstarter campaign for THE POWER OF PROTEST.

Thanks for your continuing support.  And for those who haven't given yet, please join the Resistance and help make this film a reality!


The Kickstarter campaign for our feature documentary THE POWER OF PROTEST is off to a solid start.  As we head into Week 2, we have raised $7,266 - 13% of our goal of $55,000!

But we have a long way to go and STILL NEED YOU TO HELP SPREAD THE WORD!

If each of you could post the below link on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds and tell all your friends, family and acquaintances, we'd be eternally grateful. And so would DANNY GLOVER who we're honored to have support this documentary!


The acclaimed Hollywood actor and activist has agreed to join our list of advisors that  includes environmental activist and author BILL MCKIBBEN, veteran journalist RAY SUAREZ and Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker RORY KENNEDY.

THE POWER OF PROTEST will explore the vital protest movements of our time and how they their acts of resistance are preserve our country's future. Several foundations have pledged to fund the remainder of the documentary - if IPF can raise $55,000 on Kickstarter to show that there's an audience eager to see such stories.

As a reminder, we have amazing rewards for our backers including: special pre-release screenings, the opportunity to see your name in the credits and be on the production team, a special podcast of one of the late historian Howard Zinn's final interviews, and the chance to attend the New York premiere!

So please spread the word about our Kickstarter campaign and HELP THE PEOPLE SPEAK TODAY!


The Kickstarter campaign for THE POWER OF PROTEST is off to a solid start, having reached 10% of our goal in the first five days since we launched!  We can't thank all of our early backers who realize the urgency of making this documentary, which will explore some of the vital social movements of our time and their acts of resistance that are helping shape America's future.

We expect to kick the campaign into even higher gear next week following the New Year's holiday with the release of a new video from a very special supporter.  Plus, we'll be putting out the first edition of a weekly newsletter that will touch on the current state of protest movements around the country so be on the lookout for that.

Please continue to spread the word about THE POWER OF PROTEST by forwarding this campaign to everyone you know, including family and friends. Every donation helps bring us another step closer to making this important film a reality and tell the stories of those people on the ground selflessly working to preserve our democracy and create a more perfect union.