The Kickstarter campaign for THE POWER OF PROTEST is off to a solid start, having reached 10% of our goal in the first five days since we launched!  We can't thank all of our early backers who realize the urgency of making this documentary, which will explore some of the vital social movements of our time and their acts of resistance that are helping shape America's future.

We expect to kick the campaign into even higher gear next week following the New Year's holiday with the release of a new video from a very special supporter.  Plus, we'll be putting out the first edition of a weekly newsletter that will touch on the current state of protest movements around the country so be on the lookout for that.

Please continue to spread the word about THE POWER OF PROTEST by forwarding this campaign to everyone you know, including family and friends. Every donation helps bring us another step closer to making this important film a reality and tell the stories of those people on the ground selflessly working to preserve our democracy and create a more perfect union.