We are now entering the final week of The Power of Protest's Kickstarter campaign and I'm going to level with you: at our current pace, we are going to fall short of our goal of $55,000. So far, we have raised $22,285 - approximately HALF of what we need. As a reminder, numerous foundations have promised to fund the documentary in full - if we can show there's an audience eager to see it!  And anything short of $55K just won't do.


As anyone who's ever run a Kickstarter drive will tell you - donations often pour in at the last minute as people recognize our sense of urgency - if we don't hit our target, we get nothing. So to facilitate more giving - and at much larger amounts! - we are announcing the launch of...


Starting next Tuesday, January 30th at 6pm, The Power of Protest will launch a Facebook Live and Kickstarter Live simulcast in which producer Josh Grossberg, joined at intervals by the rest of the producing team and director Micah Fink, will be live online for 48 hours straight as part of a "48-hour protest"-cum-pledge drive.

Foregoing two days' worth of sleep, Josh will talk about 1) the film and the progressive social movements we hope to cover; 2) the issues of the day including the disastrous policies of the Trump administration; 3) he'll also conduct additional interviews, including in-office appearances with our organizational partners such as Swing Left, Lawyers For Good Government, the Women's March Alliance and others; 4) feature special guests; and 5) Josh will even dare to attempt a 3 a.m. marathon reading of all of Trump's crazy tweets from this past year in a lively discussion with our late night viewers!

But the most important thing he and the rest of the producing team will be asking viewers is to PLEASE GIVE TO OUR KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN

We're gonna stay up as long as it takes to reach our goal of $55,000 and we need your support to do it.  So please... SPREAD THE WORD AND TUNE INTO THE POWER OF PROTEST'S 48-HOUR PROTEST NEXT TUESDAY BEGINNING AT 6PM!!!!